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Hogs Skin Paint Protection
Hogs Skin Paint Protection


Hog Skins is a great product. Have ridden almost 100,000 miles with Hog Skins Paint Protection from Missouri to the east coast, to Canada and even to the Grand Canyon without a single rock chip or scuff on my paint. I would not even ride my 2011 CVO without Hog Skins on it. Crystal clear paint protection that you cannot even see! I will definitely protect my next Harley with Hog Skins…Thank You Hog Skins!

– “Mad Dog”

“HOG SKINS is invisible and crystal clear immediately, its unbelievable, service dept. loves it.”
Worth H-D , Rawhide H-D and the great Pig Trail H-D

“Your the only real do it yourself complete kits, it was easy, looks killer.”
Selma, Montgomery AL. and Loveless, Ofallon MO. and T. Anderson St. Louis

“It is the most user friendly product I’ve seen, instructions made it really easy.”
D.W. in Missouri


“Puts other vinyl to shame, there’s no comparison.”

“My wife and I applied a Front Fairing kit on our Street Glide, awesome, beautiful & great DVD.”
M.A.G. in MO.

“Your pre- cut  easy to apply skin designs are the ticket and makes the difference.”
Jeff, Professional Installer in Springfield. MO.

“As an installer your product is unique,  superb and is by far the easiest to work with.”
Steve, Product Vendor 

“I applied a complete Street Glide kit on my 2011 CVO, great name and killer product.”
Mad Dog in Missouri

“You really have a great product, cool website.”
Gary in Nixa